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2nd week of june

2nd week of june…

It is the time when few years back the most exciting thing used to happen…
The school used to re-open…the excitement of new bag, new books, smell from the pages of new books, new subjects, new sitting positions in the class…
welcome our best friends in d class..
and the pouring rains outside, everything around us freshened up, lush green, cold and pleasant…
all dis is lost somewhere…just close ur eyes and revive it for d moment.. Soo miss it!

Bhigi raat hai geela chand

Bhigi raat hai geela chand baadlon me soya hai,
Main bheega hoon , kya baadal koi tum pe bhi aaj roya hai?
Saawan ka hai mausam, baadal hi tum barasne do,
Meri aankhein na yu barsao, ab aa jao.
Miss you…..