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Asked in IAS examA very simple but

Asked in IAS examA very simple but confusing puzzle .
A lady buys goods worth rs.200 from a shop.
(shopkeeper selling the goods with zeroprofit).
The lady gives him 1000 rs note. Theshop keeper
gets the change from the next shop and keeps 200 for himself and returns rs.800to d lady. Later the shopvkeeper of the nextshop comes with the 1000 rs note saying”duplicate” and takes his money back.”How much LOSS did the shopkeeper face ?”
A. 200B. 800C. 1000D. 1200E. 1800F. 2000G. Others1 hour ago

Crack d below question ..

Crack d below question ..
Ms. Maple went to the Market with her Dog..
She rode on a horse to the Market, Yet
The horse’s name was victory and dog was from south africa….
What is the Name of the Dog that went to the
If you Get the Answer, Your IQ is off the Hook,
This was asked in IAS exam.!!

Answer :

The name of the dog is “YET”

Give words which has both meaning:-

Give words which has both meaning:-
1. Pencil brand & lord of dance
2. Birth sign in english & type of disease
3. Name of soap & a musical instrument
4. A car brand & lord ramas devote 5. Name of fruit & name of shoe polish
6. Mobile brand & fruit name
7. Name of bulb company & source of energy
8. A shoe company & underground train
9. Watch brand & resident of country
10. Mineral watch company & mountain range
11. Name of bird & beer brand
12. Name of fuel & clothing company
13. Tree & toothpaste
14. Famous monument & tea brand

Answer ;

1)  Natraj
2) Cancer
3) Santoor
4)  Maruti
6)  Apple
7) Surya
8) Metro
9)  Citizen
10)  Himalaya
11) Kingfisher


asked @ INFOSYS

A man wanted 2 enter a CLUB
Every member knew the password,
The man was hidden besides the wall & tried 2 listen the password.
A member came, watchman said ’12’ Member replied 6,
Watchman opened door.

Another member came, watchman said ‘6’
Member replied 3,
Watchman opened door.

Man thought he got d PASSWORD
He went at door,
Watchman said ‘8’
Man replied 4, Watchman din’t opened door.

What was the PASSWORD   ???

Answer :

Count number of letters
E   I   G   H   T
1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 5

A ki biwi B

A ki biwi B
B ki bhabhi C
C ki beti V
V ke dada G
G ki biwi K K ki beti T

So what relationship do A n T share?

Answer :

they are husband and wife

1 : Ek Din K Liye P.M Of india Bane To

1 : Ek Din K Liye P.M Of india Bane To Kya Karoge?

2 : 1 Din K Liye Jannt Mile To Kis K Sath Selibarit Karna Chahoge ?

3 : Dil Aur Demaag Main kashmksh Ho To Kis Ki Manoge ?

4 : 1 Raat K Liye Agar Sharab , Shabab Aur Kabab Main Se 1 Ko Chunna Ho To Kis Ko Chunoge?

5 : Khud Se B Zeyada Jis Par Barosa Ho Wohi Dhokha De Jaye To Kiya Karoge ? Ans:

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Dimaagh Ko Hila Dene Wala Puzzle ..

Dimaagh Ko Hila Dene Wala Puzzle ..
hai himmat to jawab do
. Ek Dukaan Wala Ek Chocolate 1 Rs.
Mein Deta Hai
Aur Aap Chocolate Ke 3 Khaali
Packets De Kar
1 Chocolate
Free Le Sakte Hain…
Agar Aap Ke Paas 15 Rs. Hain Toh
aap kitne chocolate kha sakhte hai?
only Genius can comment here..

Answer :

22 chocolates